My M5 is at the body shop for a front corner ding from some hit and run dingus at the grocery store. So... got this zippy little rental Nissan Note/Versa. Warm hatch!!!

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Pluses: Fun to drive (feels like a go-cart compared to my other cars), cheap, quiet motor (is it on?), and it’s a color!

Minuses: Not much happens in the final 2/3 of the accelerator pedal (so why put it there), seats feel like church pews, slight cigarette smell, rearview mirror view surprisingly crappy for a hatchback, my insurance doesn’t cover full cost of this cheapest rental option.


PS for insurance companies: I’m not really driving it fast, it’s just a running joke about rentals being the fastest car ever.

Any questions about a blue Nissan Versa [looks at back] uh, SV, I guess?

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